Saturday, 29 August 2015

Autumn Fashion Picks for Mums

Since becoming a mum, there is something very fitting about 'mum' clothing. As much as I try to rock out the leather trousers, and heels ( in a desperate attempt to look stylish and get out the food stained clothes), it just doesn't suit my lifestyle anymore. I tend to sway towards practical clothing and favour looser styles more and more these days.

Next & Boohoo are my favourite places to shop. Their clothes are so reasonable in price and fit me really well.

As we approaching autumn ( or have been since June), I have picked out some of my favourite pieces I will be investing in.

1. Oversized Denim Shirt , Next £22

This compliments dark jeans, black trousers or a pencil skirt. Pair with a statement necklace and your on your way to instant glam.

2. Tunic, Bohoo £12

Tunics are so forgiving on mum tums, and the detailing on this one means it can be dressed up or dressed down.

3. Loose Tee, Boohoo £10

I am loving loose tee's at the moment. They are so comfortable and look so great with jeans or leggings. Boohoo have loads in the sale at the moment.

4. Converse £40

Everyone mum knows how great a pair of converse are! They look good with everything, and I wear mine daily. I have a white pair, but I am also thinking about investing in another pair.

5. Nude Loafers, Boohoo £15

Not ever worn loafers, but these look smarter than converse, and can be dressed up for work and dinner out, or worn in the day  with jeans and an oversized shirt.

6. Shift Dress, Boohoo £15

Gone are the days where I can wear a tight dress and get away with it. This shift dress is loose, stylish and can be paired with wedges for those late summer days, or worn with tights, boots and an oversized scarf for an autumn look.

7. Jeggings, Next £18

As all women know, it is hard getting the right pair of jeans! I find jeggings look better on me and Next's version fit me really well, and they are a great jean replica! I have about 4 pairs of these.

Do you have any other mummy fashion recommendations?

I would love to know!

Ellie x

Stopping at two


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wicked Wednesday #16

Nappy Free Time - You know when your child splashes around in their pee and gives you some lovely furniture art....

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Only Child A Lonely Child?

I have received some bad news of late. I may not be able to have anymore children. I will not go into details yet, but I may have to accept that Jack will be an only child.

I am aware of how lucky I am to have one child. I am besotted with my little boy and he makes me so happy, but I feel sad. I would love him to have a sibling. My husband and myself both have 3 siblings each, and we are so close to them all.

An only child has a bit of a reputation to be a 'lonely child'. You hear many things about them being spoilt and having issues as they grow up. This does frighten me slightly. It seems that society places a real  negative on only children. I must admit I don't really like the idea of it, but if that's our fate, then I will grow to accept it.

We have both agreed we wouldn't go through IVF or any other assisted conception.

I have been thinking lately about the positives in just having one child:

1. They can have all my attention without having to split my time.

2. I will not have to endure night feeds again.

3. I have a good routine and balance which will continue as he grows up.

4. We will not be as financially stretched and can have more holidays and days out.

5. If I ensure we are around lots of children, and especially at school, I am hoping he won't feel lonely. I also plan to ensure he does lots of extra curricular activities like football, and perhaps karate.

We really would love another baby, but I can't get my hopes up. I am going to learn to accept the situation, even though it makes me really sad, I am hoping I can still give Jack a good life, without a brother or sister.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Love Ellie x


Sunday, 23 August 2015

Gratitude & Goals #1

I am linking up with the lovely Julie from Velvet Rose to list my gratitude and goals from the week commencing 17th August:

My Gratitude For This Week


  • Having lots of sunshine to enable me to enjoy the outdoors with my son. 
  • Having my hair coloured. I always feel so much better when it is fresh.
  • Starting a new work project. I love challenges.
  • Receiving some fab clothes I ordered online with £1.99 next day delivery offer.
  • My son learnt to hi five me!
  • Started reading a book
  • Having a family day out at Crystal Palace Park. It was so warm, and full of happiness with families everywhere.

My Goals For Next Week

  • Get working on my new project
  • Setting aside some time to do my accounts
  • As I am out working for 2 days this week, hoping on the other days to enjoy some quality time with my son
  • Save some money and stop spending
Thanks for hosting Julie!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

10 Warnings I'd Give My Kid Self

Thanks to the lovely Sarah at Run, Jump & Scrap, she nominated me to do this challenge to poke a bit of fun at ourselves! You can read her hilarious post here .

I have made all the usual mistakes you do as a teen, but hopefully I know better now!

Soooo, what would I tell myself?

1. Don't apply fake tan to your legs only. Not a good look with a different colored body.

2. Don't spend your whole A-Levels bunking off, going to MacDonalds and smoking in car parks. You only get one shot at these.

3. Don't wear foundation on the beach. One day you will grow the confidence to go out without it and will be so relieved.

4. Appreciate your sleep. This is one of the only times in your life you will have the opportunity.

5. Don't hook up with strangers at airports. There are lots of dangerous people out there.

6. Don't get into debt for the latest dress. Trust me, you will be paying it back for years later on in life, and think about it, do you really like it that much, or are you impulse buying?

7. When you are out drinking, if you start to feel a bit sick, then stop. You have reached your limit. If you carry on regardless, you will embarrass yourself by throwing up in those nightclub toilets.

8. Appreciate your grandparents more. They won't be around forever, and trust me, they are wise.

9. Furry boots, a denim mini skirt, poncho and a von dutch hat would be the worst fashion mistake you can make. People aren't looking at you because your hot, they are looking at you because you are an embarrassment.

10. Don't get your sister to give you a lovebite so it looks like you got some action. No explanation required.

So anyone else want to have a go?

Love Ellie x

Everything Mummy

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wicked Wednesday #15

Ladies, asking your child to sit nicely in a hospital waiting room is clearly child abuse....

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The First Time I Felt Judged By Other Mothers

I have never been bothered by what other mums thought of me at these baby groups. I have always attended mainly to get us out the house, and for Jack to have some stimulation and new experiences. I never signed us up as an excuse to seek out life long friendships. If I made a great friend then that would be a bonus, but not top of my agenda.  Don't get me wrong, I  love  chatting to other mums to hear their experiences, but I have made only 1 really good friend from these groups. Our babies were 5 weeks old when we met at baby massage, and her little girl is a month older than Jack. Jack's now 18 months. We only meet occasionally, but I know we will always be friends.

Usually,  I  go to various groups over the course of the year.  I like to try a new one every term. Variety is the spice of life.

As you know over the summer these groups don't run, but a regular one we go to had some summer specials scheduled in various locations, so I signed us up.

We went to one the other day. The group was the 0-18 month age bracket. As he is 18 months, I knew he would have been one of the oldest, so we probably should have attended the next group up but hey ho I didn't really think about it too deeply.

More fool me. The group we went to had about 15 babies in. Bloody cute and small. But that's the problem. Small. I am talking probably the 4-9 month bracket. You know the bobbin the head stage, putting fists in the mouth and dribbling constantly.

And there's my son. Wild and energetic as they come. Running around. Pulling things off the wall. Going into peoples bags. Grabbing their babies bottles of milk. You get the gist.

Jack accidentally fell onto a baby. The baby wasn't bothered. I said sorry ( even though it was obvious Jack didn't do on purpose). I got shot the dirty look.

Not one mother wanted to interact with me. They were all sitting there talking about night feeds, and how finally ones sitting up. And watching Jack like a hawk to make sure he didn't kill their precious bundle of Joy.

I felt awkward and uncomfortable. I got a few 'can't you control your child' looks. I was thinking love, mine used to sit still and do nothing but bop his head around believe it or not.

Did I bring it on myself by going to the wrong age group? Should I have controlled everything he did? How could I have done? If he jumped ( or accidentally fell which is more accurate) on a baby of course I apologized. If he went in someones bag of course I took him away. Of course I stayed around at the end of the class putting the pictures back on the wall.

I truly believe Jack is typical of his age, and this is what they all do ( enlighten me?!). He isn't particularly destructive, he is just exploring. I have heard boys are more of a handful than girls at this age, so I do have my work cut out which I am very much aware of, but my boy is learning and if he isn't hurting anyone in the process , I am going to let him carry on.

See you next time mummies, better be on your guard. From me.

Love Ellie x