Saturday, 3 May 2014

Boots Parenting Club

Morning Beauts,

As a mum, I'm  always looking for offers on everything baby related, as it is bloody expensive raising a child. I have always been an avid fan of Boots, as the advantage card makes a real difference. I mean who wouldn't want to be rewarded with freebies on anything in store when you have enough points?! I spend a fair bit of money on toiletries etc, and before I know it the points add up and hey presto, freebie time! You get 4 points for every pound.

Parenting Club

It is free to sign up, providing you have an advantage card. and on everything baby related you get 10 points per pound. Quite frequently, Boots send vouchers through the post with many offers, and you get a free parenting magazine which I like to have a flick through with my morning coffee.

Recent set of vouchers I was sent

Free photobook I received as an offer from the parenting clubIt holds 20 photos. Brilliant to add to your baby memorabilia. I actually received 2 of these vouchers, one expires end of June, so will wait until I have some more recent photographs and claim.

Baby Event

Occasionally, Boots have a baby event on which lasts a week or so. It means there are extra offers on everything baby, plus your vouchers can be used too and  you receive extra points. You can get some really good deals. Us mums on maternity leave have to make our money stretch! Currently, there is a Baby Event on which started 30th April. We are going on our first family holiday next month, so I am starting to prepare early. I popped over to boots yesterday and this is what I picked up. With the offers on and my vouchers, I managed to spend only £15. Bargain!

Sterilising bags a covenient way to ensure bottles remain hygienic;Nivea Suncream 50+ factor to protect Jack's delicate skin; Detinox teething gel, as the time we go is around the time Jack will start to teethe; Calpol Sachets, if in teething pain, or any pain during the flight.

6 packs of baby wipes for £5. I go through so many of these so always looking for offers.

I think what Boots offer is exceptional value generally, and for us parents. I would advise every new 
mum to have an advantage card and sign up to the parenting club. I promise you will really notice the value for money...

Love Ellie x

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